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Currently working for the Institute of Computing Science of Poznan University of Technology (associate professor), a member of the Scientific Board of the Faculty of Computing Science, Poznan University of Technology, a board member of Polish Oracle User Group, an associate professor at Collegium Da Vinci in Poznan, a member of Academic E-Learning Society. Research interests include data mining, database/data warehouse systems, web application architectures. Teaching courses on information systems design and implementation for companies and universities in Poland, Germany, Slovakia, UK, and USA. More...
Research interests focused on data mining query languages, constrained frequent itemset and sequential pattern discovery algorithms, multiple query optimization, database indexing techniques, web architectures,
Teaching university courses on Information System Design, Service-Oriented Architectures, Multitier Web Applications, Database Systems, Database Performance, Data Warehouses, Web Content Management Systems, Application Server Administration,
Developing and teaching IT courses on Oracle Database administraton and performance tuning, Oracle Application Server and Oracle Web Logic Server Administration, design and development of Java EE applications, Business Intelligence systems,
Maciej Zakrzewicz
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